Volume 7, Issue 1 (Jan 2019)

1Morphotaxonomic and DNA Bar-coding analysis of Mosquitoes collected from Chattogram Metropolitran area Download
2Development of small intestinal morphology on the basis of growth and absorption rate in broiler chicken Download
3Productivity of broiler chicken fed plan-source diet supplements Download
4Flow cytrometric characterization of Mareks disease virus infected macrophage Download
5Comparative proximate analysis of fiber rich bread and biscutes developed from pig powder Download
6Experiences and opinion of mullousk fisher in Cox’s Bazar Download
7Seasonal variation of nutritional profiles of green musselDownload
8Nutritional and microbiological assessment of Shidhal Download
9 Dietary effects of Dillenia indiaca leaves on ghrowth performance Download
10Nutritional attribute of oyster collected from coastal area of BangladeshDownload
11Pathological Investigation of unilateral spermatocytic seminoma in dogDownload
12Femoral head ostectomy for the surgical correction of coxofemoral luxation in dogDownload

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