Volume 5, Issue 2 (Jan 2017)

1Progress of WHO-essential flukicide triclabendazole and its remarkable impact in combating fascioliasis in human and animal herbivoreDownload
2Effects of vegetable oil supplementation on growth performance and carcass characteristics in broilers Download
3Histopathological and haematological changes in haemonchosis caused by Haemonchus contortus in small ruminants of Bangladesh Download
4An explorative study on visitor’s behaviour and their effect on the behaviour of primates at Chittagong zoo Download
5Profitability assessment of Red Chittagong cattle under different farming practices in Chandanaish upazilla of Chittagong district Download
6Influence of feeding regime on semen quality and conception rate of Black Bengal goat’s by artificial insemination under the semi-intensive syste Download
7 Characterization of bacteria causing bovine mastitis by amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis (ARDRA) methoDownload
8Molecular identification and characterization of Trypanosoma infection in cattle in Chittagong Metropolitan area, Banglades Download

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