Volume 3, Issue 1 & 2 (Jan -Dec 2015)

1Prevalence of pulmonary parasitic infection in goats of MymenshingDownload
2 Study of prevalance of gastrointestinal parasite of economic importance in bangladesh Download
3Prevalence of urolithiasis in goat attended at SQTVH in Chittagong Download
4Physico-chemical, functional properties and storage characteristics of jackfruit seed flou Download
5Evaluation of nutritional quality, contamination, adulteration and preservative quality of different sources of mil Download
6Effect of PEAMA-g-PEG on the conformation of lysozyme by circular dichroism and florescence spectroscop Download
7 Management Practices and Welfare Issues in Commercial Dairy Farms in Chittagong Download
8A study of welfare issue of commercial dairy farms owners and employees in Chittagong Download
9An economic comparison of performance and profitability between two meat types birds: Brown cockerel and SonalDownload
10A multiplex PCR-based approach for reliable identification of different meat species and possible adulteration in meat markets in Chittagong, BangladesDownload

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