Online Payment

Online Payment

The editorial board limits maximum five authors for a manuscript. For each accepted paper – full length or short communication the author(s) has/have to pay TK. 1000. The authors of an overseas manuscript need to pay USD$ 20. At the time of manuscript submission, the author needs to pay Tk 500. The remaining payment should be made during submission of the revised manuscript in cash or in check or in DD in favour of the Executive Editor of the journal.
You may pay through bank deposit or through Mobile banking (bkash)

Submit Your Payment Proof

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Payment Methods

Bank Payment:

Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
Account no: 0100061640881

Janata Bank, CVASU Branch, Chattogram

Khulshi, Chattogram, Bangladesh

Bkash Payment

For Bangladeshi Author
Bkash (Personal):


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